3 Things Not To Love About The Holidays

Dudes... we're a positive bunch. We like days without plans. When things go wrong, we roll with it. We support everyone's right to pursue happiness - especially around the holidays. Lately though, there have been a few things that have really not settled right with us about these days that we celebrate. It's time to get it out there. Here are 3 things we can't get down with this time of year:

1. "New" holiday music - This may have started with Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, aka Kenny G… and it should have ended with Kenneth. Thanks to this adult contemporary / smooth jazz saxophonist, we’re stuck listening to remakes of classic tunes that never needed remaking. We hope Kenny G’s stocking is full of coal. Every. Single. Year. 

2. Ugly sweater parties - Let’s be clear – this WAS a good idea when it started. It challenged the attendees to thrift a truly heinous knitted creation to debut at an annual holiday party. Now, it’s an industry. There are scores of websites that make it WAY too easy to score your next ugly sweater. In fact, you can even customize them. This newer tradition has lost its way. We’ll consider removing it from the list if it can get back on point. 

3. Krampus - OK. Christmas has been happening our entire lives, and we’re just learning about Krampus, the dark companion of St. Nicholas? What the actual #&$%!? This thing is terrifying! Why does this exist at such a joyous time of year? What does the Naughty List not cover that we need an actual Christmas devil for? What do people do to get on the damn Krampus list!? Krampus is a serious holiday bummer – and we would like it if he were struck from the record all together. 

We’re off to sharpen candy canes like prison shivs, just in case Krampus decides to crash our holiday party / is a real thing. 

On that note - have a laid-back holiday from all your pals at Cushe!  


Tell Dad He's Still Cool

After trolling numerous pages of the Dads are the Original Hipsters tumblr (prepare to lose a few hours if you click on that link), we felt it would be wrong to just get dad another combination of tie / shirt / golf balls this year. Your dad was cool once, and he still is... just maybe in a different way... and he deserves a gift that reflects that. Here are a few untraditional Father's Day gift ideas. Perfectly paired with some new Cushe sandals. Just sayin'. 

Only to be worn ironically, this "#1 Dad" trucker hat is an instant classic. Purchase if your dad is a 28" waist and wears fitted flannel shirts, sans undershirt, with rolled-up sleeves. He'll know how to wear this, and look damn good doing it. Search Zazzle if you don't feel like thrifting for this one. The cheaper, the better. 

Dads are the undisputed kings of facial hair. They've been wearing beards and mustaches for years because they are awesome, not because of trends. Dad gets it, so get dad some sweet facial hair product. Man's Face Stuff is made in Portland, which makes it 17% cooler by default. Get this for your mustache sportin' padre. Obvi.

This one is gonna take some leg work, because it's partially DIY; which the old man will appreciate. Find a photo of an olde tyme boxer like our friend John L. Sullivan here, and frame it. Keep it simple, as dad isn't about that ornate frame business. Perfect for the badass dad who enjoys steak for breakfast, and has some kind of den filled with stuff "you wouldn't understand". 

Got a craft beer lovin' dad? The internets will deliver, directly to him, a selection of beer. Every month. There are of course, many to choose from, so do some recon and find our what dad likes. 

Of course, the best gift you can give your dad is a hug, because it is the only day of the year that he wouldn't prefer a handshake.

<3 Cushe


Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

An open letter to retailers across the country:

What the hell man!? Can you please stop pretending Thanksgiving doesn’t happen? We’ve let you invent “holidays” over the years, so at least give us a few weeks before you set up the trees and twinkling lights.

Your friend and pumpkin pie aficionado,

Seriously, we love all holidays, but let’s not blow past the awesomeness that is Thanksgiving. Slow down and put your Bing Crosby CDs away. Don’t unpack the porcelain snowman, and don’t fill it with those weird pinwheel candies that we assume are mint because no one has actually ever eaten one. It’s not time yet.

This week, enjoy a turkey, a turducken, or a tofurkey if that’s your thing. Enjoy an artisan apple-orange cranberry sauce, or the magically delicious canned cranberry sauce that retains a perfect can shape for convenience of slicing and serving. Most of all, enjoy the company of good friends and family… and the subsequent napping.

Also enjoy this 90’s Thanksgiving picture we found.


Cushe Stocking Giveaway

At Cushe, we are all about the holiday spirit. It's a great time for great times.

Last week we put together a very Cushe gift guide and it got us to thinkin'... We should hook up some of our favorite people in the world - our fans and followers - with a start on that list. Namely the Cushe shoes part.

So we put together five stockings stuffed full of goodies including a bunch of Cushe swag and a coupon for $100 to spend at our online store. That’s right - 100 buckeroos to go toward any pair of Cushe kicks you want!

Entering is super easy and there are a few ways to do it.

Post on our Facebook Page:
“All I want for Christmas are my Cushes.”

Or follow us on Twitter and tweet:
“All I want for Christmas are my #cushes. @CusheUS”

It really is that simple. Winners to be announced Monday December 19th,2011.

One thing: though we love all y'all, this is a Cushe US contest, so you gotta be in the US to win. It doesn't change how we feel about everyone else, but rules is rules:)

Get at it!



A Very Cushe Holiday Gift Guide

While the holiday season claims you should be having dreams of sugar plums, we think that’s slightly outdated, and we have no idea what the hell a sugar plum is anyway. So we put together a short list of items that would compliment a Cushe Life – whether it is an urban or rural adventure you seek. If you don’t know what to ask for this holiday, anything on this list would be a great place to start…

1. Osprey Stratos 24 Pack
You need something to hold the stuff on the rest of your list, right? Osprey bags are rugged, lightweight, and feature plenty of pockets for a good volume to organization level. Not a lot of us will have use for a single ice axe attachment, but we have faith you’ll be creative in its use. ($99.00)

2. Merrell Mid-Layers
Super comfortable for anything from work outs to coffee runs as well as ideal for layering when the weather gets all weird on you. We dig the Tazlina Hoody for the ladies and the Cairn Hoody for dudes. ($89.00 - $99.00)

3. Aqua Vessel Ultra Lite Tritan Filtration Bottle
With the amount of water we’re all supposed to drink, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle by your side. This model from Eco Vessel has a plant based filtration system attached to the straw top… which means every sip of water gets cleaned on its way to your mouth. We can’t help you clean what comes out of your mouth, but we can help clean what’s going in. ($24.95)

4. Diana F+ Camera
We think one of the most important things in living a Cushe Life is making memories by doing what you love. It’s always a good idea to have a camera nearby to document the times and the people of your life. Digital is easy, but film in a plastic 1960’s designed camera has flavor. Embrace the variety of results caused by this perfectly imperfect beauty that inspired apps like Instagram. ($89.00)

5. Klipsch Image S5i Headphones
Your Cushe Life has to have a soundtrack, and these are great in-ear headphones to plug into your favorite iDevice and enjoy. Klipsch makes a great sounding product and the durability of the S5i’s is an added bonus. A great upgrade over the stock headphones that come with any music device. ($129.99)

6. Sun Bum SPF 30+ Sunscreen
Hey, there is a reason we support the Slater Brother’s Invitational and the World Skin Cancer Foundation each year. Protect your skin with this oil-free, Paraben-free, Vitamin E enriched sunscreen. And thank the sweet monkey logo for helping protect your hide. ($14.99)

7. The Cushe Shoes You Don’t Have
Wait, what? You need new pair of Cushes? How could we forget! This list wouldn’t be complete without your new favorite shoes. While we love all of our styles equally, we recommend the Surf Slipper Chuka for guys and the Wildtrip WP for gals. Both are Cushe takes on classic styles. ($90.00 - $160.00)

What’s in your Cushe Life holiday pack this year? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter – as always, we love to hear from ya!


Get Cushe for the holidays

It’s the first day in December.  We have all finally realized how absolutely unprepared we are for the gift-giving holidays coming up.  This time of year means much more than uncomfortable kisses from that elderly woman you’re pretty sure you are related to.  ‘Tis the season for snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights and of course, super rad footwear from yours truly.

Not only do we have some of the most comfortable and stylish winter kicks around, we’re stepping our game up and showing how much we love you guys with free shipping for the holidays.  Want to make sure your Cushes get to you in time?  No worries, we have it all mapped out here telling you when to order so you have time to throw some wrapping paper on the box before you make someone VERY happy.

But we’ve talked about it over here and realized we love you guys even more than free shipping.  How about some free and totally awesome Cushe stickers?  Yeah, we want you rocking your Cushe pride out there on the slopes AND at grandma's house.  All you have to do is shoot us your mailing address and we will pop an envelope in the mail with details on how you can win a free pair of Cushe shoes with each sticker.

Don’t mean to be getting all sentimental on you guys (and gals!)… but, what can we say except for: “We love you, man.”