Tell Dad He's Still Cool

After trolling numerous pages of the Dads are the Original Hipsters tumblr (prepare to lose a few hours if you click on that link), we felt it would be wrong to just get dad another combination of tie / shirt / golf balls this year. Your dad was cool once, and he still is... just maybe in a different way... and he deserves a gift that reflects that. Here are a few untraditional Father's Day gift ideas. Perfectly paired with some new Cushe sandals. Just sayin'. 

Only to be worn ironically, this "#1 Dad" trucker hat is an instant classic. Purchase if your dad is a 28" waist and wears fitted flannel shirts, sans undershirt, with rolled-up sleeves. He'll know how to wear this, and look damn good doing it. Search Zazzle if you don't feel like thrifting for this one. The cheaper, the better. 

Dads are the undisputed kings of facial hair. They've been wearing beards and mustaches for years because they are awesome, not because of trends. Dad gets it, so get dad some sweet facial hair product. Man's Face Stuff is made in Portland, which makes it 17% cooler by default. Get this for your mustache sportin' padre. Obvi.

This one is gonna take some leg work, because it's partially DIY; which the old man will appreciate. Find a photo of an olde tyme boxer like our friend John L. Sullivan here, and frame it. Keep it simple, as dad isn't about that ornate frame business. Perfect for the badass dad who enjoys steak for breakfast, and has some kind of den filled with stuff "you wouldn't understand". 

Got a craft beer lovin' dad? The internets will deliver, directly to him, a selection of beer. Every month. There are of course, many to choose from, so do some recon and find our what dad likes. 

Of course, the best gift you can give your dad is a hug, because it is the only day of the year that he wouldn't prefer a handshake.

<3 Cushe


A Beautiful Reminder...

... that sometimes life requires you to just smile and enjoy. From our friends in Peru. 


3 Things We Love About Mom


This weekend is Mother’s Day, so because you can never tell her often enough, here are three things we love about mom. 

1. Mom always supports what you do. Unless it’s dumb / you are definitely going to get hurt… then she’ll tell you. Which is like a two-fer. She’s supportive and honest when needed. 

2. She was a badass, and she’s really good at playing it down. You think you can sneak in the house at 3am like a boss and mom doesn’t know ‘cause she’s not cool? Think again. Mom’s done that. After she pealed out on high school lawn. Welcome to busted town, bro. 

3. The average American will spend $168.00 on Mother’s Day this year, but mom really just wants to hang out or get a call. And a card. Mom LOVES cards. Write a note in it too, or draw a picture for bonus points. 

Also buy her this t-shirt:


Way to be awesome, mom. 

<3 Cushe


It's True...

We do love you guys and gals. More than comfortable shoes. Have a great V-Day! <3 Cushe