The Latest from Natty Perez

We love getting emails from Natty Perez. Not only is she an all around awesome girl who is part of the Cushe crew, Natty is a super hard worker. Since being sidelined with an injury for a solid month, she’s been back at it for the last 3 weeks with a tough schedule of 2 hours in the gym, and three hours on the surf. Every. Damn. Day.

Hard work pays off though. Natty finished the season as the #2 ranked woman surfer in PR, and she’s qualified to try out for the women’s world surfing team for 2013. Datswotsup.

She’s even featured in Mundo Rad! Magazine – check it out (Spanish skills required)

Did we mention she also sends us awesome photos like the one below? ‘Cause she does. And we like it.