Autumn / Winter 2014 Preview

We just had our AW14 (that's shop talk for Autumn Winter 2014) Cushe crew gathering, where we all bounce around and get excited about next year's designs. As you can imagine, we do things a little differently. First, our models were our ambassadors Sophie, Mitch, and Matthias. Second, our drinking pals for the weekend were also Sophie, Mitch, and Matthias. Third.... what? 

Anyway, we grabbed a few photos from the upcoming line to share with y'all! Enjoy! 


Shoe Science: Deodorize!

So... we endorse and love wearing many of your favorite Cushe shoes sans-sock - especially the Slipper. A lot of people are tossing them on after a bike ride, to run a quick errand, or to venture out to the beach. Some serious no-sock sitch's. Heavy usage like this comes with a potential price though: shoes that smell like you haven't been wearing socks.

Thankfully though, there are solutions. Double thankfully, there is also the internet, so finding these solutions was pretty easy. Which left plenty of time to watch cat gifs and the Robocop trailer.  

The first trick that sounded interesting, and maybe plausible because it involved science, was freezing. The process is super simple:

1. Place your shoes in a freezer bag. Be sure to allow for extra time and swearing if you have small freezer bags / shoes larger than a men's size 8. If you have a size 11 or above shoe, you should probably warn the neighbors. We went with the crisscross method. Mostly because it was the only way these shoes were going to fit in the bag.

2. Place the bagged shoes in the freezer. It's best if you offer no warning or explanation to anyone living in your house as to why there are shoes in the freezer. In fact, label the bag "Fresh Fish" or "2013 Blueberries". 

3. Pour yourself a drink, because you just crammed shoes in a bag and stuck 'em in the freezer. Then leave the shoes in the freezer overnight. Science says that the freezing temperatures kill the bacteria that cause odor. 

4. Wake up and eat a healthy breakfast (optional, but recommended), remove the shoes from the freezer, take them out of the bag, and let them thaw naturally. We don't have a picture of this part because honestly, it didn't look as cool as we were hoping - frozen in blocks of ice, cartoon style. 

So far, so good with this method. It didn't really seem to kill off the smell entirely, but it did bring it down to an acceptable level. There are a lot of shoes hanging around the office, so we'll probably run a few more methods to see if we can get some better results, but if you have any secrets to battling shoe odor that would terrify and shock your mother, share 'em over on our Facebook page!


The Kids Are Alright

Since we’re about to unleash the Cushe Slipper for kids, we’ve been having a lot of discussion around Cushe HQ about the best part of being a kid. Also the worst. 


What can we say – some people are glass half empty kinda folks. By some people, we pretty much mean finance. Those guys need some sunshine. Bad. 


Anyway, here goes:


Worst – You had a bedtime.

Best – You also had a naptime.


Worst – No rated R movies.



Worst – You had a curfew.

Best – Because you had to get up early and play all day. 


Worst – Chores.

Best – You actually got paid for doing them. 

Bonus Best – A $5 allowance was a FORTUNE. 


Worst – Finishing your carrots.

Best – Still believing they gave you the power to see in the dark. 


What’s your Worst / Best from being a kid? Tell us over on our Facebook page… and we’ll… read it? Totally. We’ll totally read it. 


The Cushe x Hoffman Collaboration

We don't often get super excited…

…which is a total lie, as we are typically super excited about something... but this is big.

We're really proud to announce that we are pairing up with the legendary Hoffman California Fabrics for an exclusive line in our spring / summer 2014 collection! In case you don't know, which, totally NBD since you have about a billion things to know in your world, Hoffman has been famously creating authentic Hawaiian and Balinese prints that have helped define beach culture since 1924. Awesome. Still going strong today; double up on the awesome.

In the 1950's, Walter and Philip, sons of founder Rube Hoffman, joined the company. This is pretty rad since both of these guys were champion surfers during the golden age of the SoCal scene, and basically invented the Cushe Life. So... what we're trying to say is, Hoffman is pretty damn legit, and we're stoked and honored to be working with them.

The team at Hoffman creates nearly 800 beautifully unique patterns a year, and they are masters at capturing that Aloha spirit. This made our job tough, because we could only select a few from the current and archive designs made available to the Cushe design crew. We grabbed some amazing heritage screen prints, and some wildly unpredictable Bali Batiks that created the right vibe and compliment to our upcoming designs.

Check out an itty bitty sneak peek below, and stay tuned for more looks into the line. We've got a while to wait before we can get these designs in your hands, so we'll keep you properly hydrated with fresh knowledge right here, and over on the book of faces.


Shumakers Casual

The first of our Shumakers collection have started hitting stores, so we thought it would be an excellent use of your work time to peep some drool-worthy photos. The full grain leather used on these has amazing character, and the sole is, in a (naughty) word, badass. Even though we are clearly MASTER photographers, this shoe looks even better in person. Also better on feet. Look for more colors soon, and the LTD later this year.



Inside the Shoe Lab

Ever wonder where we get that delightful scent of leather, canvas, and natural rubber blends? It's not the hottest new fragrance you can buy, but a musk one can only acquire from spending time in our shoe lab. Ok, ok, lab is a little bit of a reach since we don't actually construct our ultra comfortable designs in this room, but it sounds better than Shoe Hole. We do cook up product names, play around with potential styling, and drink oddly concocted smoothies in here though, so it's a lab of sorts.

We'll close our word holes now, so you can take a look at the pictures. Plenty of upcoming styles featured here, which shall remain nameless until it's time to talk about them. Go ahead and get your shoe lust on though, because everything you see here is coming out in 2013.


Get Cushe for the holidays

It’s the first day in December.  We have all finally realized how absolutely unprepared we are for the gift-giving holidays coming up.  This time of year means much more than uncomfortable kisses from that elderly woman you’re pretty sure you are related to.  ‘Tis the season for snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights and of course, super rad footwear from yours truly.

Not only do we have some of the most comfortable and stylish winter kicks around, we’re stepping our game up and showing how much we love you guys with free shipping for the holidays.  Want to make sure your Cushes get to you in time?  No worries, we have it all mapped out here telling you when to order so you have time to throw some wrapping paper on the box before you make someone VERY happy.

But we’ve talked about it over here and realized we love you guys even more than free shipping.  How about some free and totally awesome Cushe stickers?  Yeah, we want you rocking your Cushe pride out there on the slopes AND at grandma's house.  All you have to do is shoot us your mailing address and we will pop an envelope in the mail with details on how you can win a free pair of Cushe shoes with each sticker.

Don’t mean to be getting all sentimental on you guys (and gals!)… but, what can we say except for: “We love you, man.”



Cushe goes mobile!

Got a fancy intewebs enabled phone?  I’m kidding, this isn’t 2004; of COURSE you have a browser on your phone.  We’re happy to say that is now available wherever you are.  Which is hopefully somewhere warm, ‘cause in some parts, it’s getting cold.  But there are places, magical places, that stay warm all year.  Places where you can kick it in flip flops everyday, where the surf is always ready and where the drinks are always cold...

I’m sorry, what was I talking about?  I was having visions of a 80+ degree day on the beach.  Oh yeah, our mobile site!

If you find your way to on your phone’s browser, you can check out our latest kick-ass shoes, find a Cushe dealer near you and check out reviews while you shop.  Why?  Because we care and you're on the move.  Also, because our web crew needs stuff to do.  Alright, I’m going to go back to those warm weather day dreams now.