April Playlist

As Biz Markie said, "It's Spring Again!". Here is our (late) April playlist to get you warmed up for a little house cleaning, a little patio time, or just some laid-back Cushe Time. 

CHAPPO - Come Home
Wye Oak - The Tower
Sin Fang - Sunbeam
Pinback - Proceed to Memory
Woods - Leaves Like Grass
Devendra Banhart - Angelika
Future Loves Past - Grow Up Tall
Broken Bells - Perfect World
Blood Orange - On the Line
Tycho - Awake


March Playlist

The first day of spring has officially come and gone, and while in some areas it may not feel like we're getting closer to summer, science-type people assure us we definitely are. March is a strange, transitional month - so we put together a bit of a manic, up and down playlist to help with those mornings where it's sunny out, but also 15 degrees. 

Echosmith - Cool Kids
Local Natives - Camera Talk
The Morning Benders - Cold War
Breton - Envy
The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Mattress
Into It. Over It. - Spinning Thread
So Many Dynamos - Analysis Paralysis
Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr. Quiche
Max Frost - White Lies
Real Estate - Talking Backwards


Spring Fling

Most of the country got a taste of something last week and like anything that tastes great, we want more.  If some is good, more is better right?  We're talkin’ about spring weather here!

The first time it hits 60 outside, we lose our jackets and get a magical t-shirt tolerance that on the other side of summer, we don’t have.  60 degrees in late September feels down right arctic, but that same 60 degrees in March… and we’re living on the equator baby!  This of course begs the wardrobe question we care about most; what shoes do you wear?

Footwear decisions aside, the first hint of great weather demands you get out and enjoy it.  Which we hope you did, because now it’s like 30 degrees again in the Midwest.  Bummer.

Spring may have technically started, but the matching weather is still on the horizon.  Like any good little camper, it’s good to always be prepared - which is why we’ve started unpacking our flip flops.  Here at Cushe, we know anticipation is part of the fun anyway.  So stay strong, Midwestern friends; and don’t forget that when life gives you bad weather, travel!