It's a Cushe Life.

Cold water surf, BASE jumping, a wingsuit over a volcano, and everything in between. Experience a typical day through the eyes and adventures of Mitch, Matthias, and Sophie, and see why they make an unconventional choice for everyday life.

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Musician and Producer

Bonobo (AKA Simon Green) is a prolific music man!!! DJ, recording artist, producer and all round soundsmith, selling out venues and headlinning festivals the globe over, whole heartedly living a Cushe Life, doing what he loves doing, when and where he chooses and doing it his way.

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Becky Hammond

Freestyle skier

Becky Hammond is arguably one of the finest freeskiing talents to come from this fair isle ever. Making waves across the globe and competing at the highest level. In the recent world champs, she achieved top ten status, the first Brit ever to do so. Becky's success on the world scene is not only a great accolade to her personaly, but also for GB snowsports in general, raising the all round perception and firmly securing a comfortable future.

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Mitch Corbett

Surf Champion

Mitch Corbett is a 'surfers surfer', a real purist, passionately committed to his sport, living a simple, no frills life with a window facing the sea. Driven by his competative ambitions, his daily quest is simply to find the best breaks and ride the best waves, doing what he does best.

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