Team Cushe
Cold water surf, BASE jumping, a wingsuit over a volcano, and everything in between. Experience a typical day through the eyes and adventures of Matthias, Sierra, Mitch, Sophie and Cristian, and see why they make an unconventional choice for everyday life. #happinesshunting

Full Time Wild-Man

Matthias Giraud

Professional BASE jumper, big mountain ski stud, and full time wild-man. Matthias was born for adventure, and never refuses an opportunity to find the edges of his limits; which, we don't think he's even seen yet. First to ski BASE jump off Mississippi Head at Mt Hood, Oregon, and last to leave the party.


Champion of Fun

Sierra Quitiquit

Park City native, and the undisputed champion of fun-seeking. Sierra grew up on the slopes of Utah and spent her formative years besting the boys while developing a love for the world around her, and a killer athletic instinct. Sierra is a true happiness hunter, with one of the most positive personalities on the planet. Did we mention she's also a surfer, yogi, cook, and a runner? This girl is legit. 


Ultimate Soul Surfer

Mitch Corbett

Surfer, cold water hero, soul seeker. In so many ways, Mitch lives the ultimate Cushe Life. From crushing the slabs off the coast if Ireland, to cruising the warm barrels of Indonesia, Mitch rips. Catch inspiration from Mitch courtesy of his web video series, Not All Wandering is Aimless (NAWIA).


Perpetual Traveller

Sophie Hellyer

Surfer, model, footie fan, and professionally awesome - all in a days work for super girl Sophie. This perpetual traveller is always on the look out for her next way to make us all feel like slackers. Don’t get it wrong though, Sophie rocks Cushe Time with the best of them, enjoying quiet moments and good company. 


Serious Rider

Cristian Merello

The chill from Chile, the lad from the land of the lefts, THE Cristian Merello. This dude is a serious rider, and has as many trophies as we do shoes. Cristian can always be found on the water, attacking his favorite waves in Arica, Punta de Lobos, and Pichilemu. It's not always surf with Cristian though - he's just a comfortable around the fire with friends, otherwise he wouldn't be true team Cushe.