Please welcome Pierre Carrillo, our new ambassador!!!

Pierre Carrillo is a balance artist and circus performer. As a child he was deathly afraid of heights. He would not even get on a roller coaster nor an elevator with windows. His oldest brother was a rock climber and wanted to help him get over his fear.

Enjoying the technical challenge of climbing so much, he pursued indoor rock climbing at the local gym. He was introduced to slackline by one of his climbing buddies who showed him a video of someone walking unattached on Lost Arrow Spire highline 875 meters high. By watching the video he realized how much he was held back by fear and how he was going to overcome it. That day he bought his first slackline. He was hooked instantly!

He practiced daily and progressed quickly with intention to walk Lost Arrow Spire highline. Not knowing what slackline was, the city workers were afraid when they saw Pierre slacklining and eventually ordered the police to have him removed from the parks. Disappointed that in a city plagued with gang violence, the police took the time to stop a healthy activity that did no harm to anyone, Pierre immediately approached the parks and recreations department to see what could be done about it. He wrote an amendment to the ordinance that prohibited slackline and presented it to the city board. After six months of meetings, Salinas California became the first city in America to officially allow slackline.

Through his quest to legalize slackline he was helped tremendously by the slackline community and met many excellent slackliners. One of them, Damian Cooksey, the former world record holder for longest line and longest highline, showed Pierre the ropes of highline rigging. Since then, he has walked hundreds of lines throughout the world, including the Lost Arrow Spire highline.

Arriving in Canada, Pierre saw the necessity for the support of a healthy and respectful practice of slackline throughout the community. He created the Canadian Slackline Association to inform people of safe rigging and to create events where the community can meet to exchange and grow. He felt that with slackline growing so fast, it was important to keep the community together and spread an ethical standard of the practice.

Pierre continues to develop his skills and push his limits on and off the line. He finds peace and flexibility through his practice of yoga. Yoga combined with slackline provides him with a complete practice that helps him grow stronger and more balanced, mentally and physically.

Pierre along with Chantal Therrien are the founders of the company Love and Balance, that offers workshops of slackline, yoga and acro-yoga as well as performances combining these disciplines. They travel pioneering slacklines in nature as well as offering their services. Their next expedition will take place throughout the north coast of Quebec and they will install lines in the most beautiful places they find. They will be present at Festivent in Longue Rive and will search for the first significant highlines of Quebec in the high gorges of la Malbaie. Their next expedition will last for 1 year and will take them throughout Canada and the US. They will leave from Montreal Qc in June 2013 and focus on the prominent mountain chains in North America and take place in the festivals throughout the continent.

Pierre's goal for the next 2 years is to walk a 160 meter long highline and to break the world record longline which is now at 500 meters. His mission through his practice is to encourage people from all walks of life to step up to their fears and live to their fullest capacity.

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Pierre participed at many events. Check the great tricks he's doing during the Outdoor Festival of Montreal and Quebec 2012

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