Coors Light St-Sauveur Challenge 2013 - Unforgettable Saturday night

What a Saturday night at the Express bar at Mont Avila! Filmmakers of incredible caliber took part, during the last 3 days, in the Coors Mountain Challenge, and that evening was to show off their work. Rules were simple: make a 3 minute clip with ski or snowboard as a subject, all done in 3 days and filmed on Mont Avila’s slopes. A record breaking 38 teams started and an impressive 35 presented their work!

I would like to give a shout out to the judges on this competition, who had to score each piece on its cinematographic aspects, but also the riding from the athlete! And we had a Cushe ambassador with them: the talented and passionate Benjamin Rochette


The theme of the night was abundance! The bar was full to the breaking point, the crowd was rocking, the clips were over the top and the prizes plentiful. I want to take a moment to thanks Coors Light, Axis, L.L.Lozeau and Mont Avila for their generosity on this event. Note that Cushe was also part of the givers, particularly for Best Soundtrack, wo by Laurent’s team. To watch the video, click here. Thanks to Bite Size for organizing this competition!


The brotherhood feeling between the riders and admirers was palpable. The entire crowd would break into ‘woooah’’s at each spectacular maneuver on screen and the applause were constant throughout the evening. Hughes, knowing everybody, gave the colorful tone to this successful event, with his musing. The positive vibe was contagious! And the evening turned into music and went on until the wee hours of the night!


To watch all videos and to discover the winners, click here!