Matthias Giraud

BASE Jumper, Skier, Adventurer

Matthias plans to one day be shot out of a cannon while riding on an orbit-bound rocket to the tallest ski-able peak on the planet, where he’ll hit a huge kicker on the edge of a sheer cliff, do a double back flip, open his chute and land safely.

Filming the entire thing of course.

Knowing Matthias is knowing that the crazy scenario above isn’t out of the realm of possible for him. For someone who has been skiing over 26 years, skydiving for five, and BASE jumping for four years, there isn’t much that can’t be done. Maybe that’s why they call him “Super Frenchie”.

This guy is all over the map – literally. We like to think Matthias is something of a modern adventurer, seeking the boundaries both nature and man have created, and seeing what the other side holds. The last few years for the Super Frenchie have been amazingly exciting, so we’re stoked to see where his adventures take us all in the years to come. 

What is Matthias wearing?

"The Tammerack for hiking, the Standard for hanging out in the city, and the Duke for going surfing!"