It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

In need of some sunshine? How about a peek behind the scenes at our SS'12 photoshoot in Mozambique!? Like us, we hope you enjoy the music, seeing our gorgeous models, the incredible scenery and our brand new Summer footwear collection.

We had a very few Cushe few days making it and were of course working very hard at the beach, the bar and with a few cold beers!

Phew, who needs a sit down!



The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie

Over the past few months Cushe rider Mitch Corbett has been off on a road-trip around the UK, heading up a fascinating documentary project alongside fellow pro-surfer Mark 'Egor' Harris.   The pair have been meeting the legends and pioneers of the British surf scene to trace the history of the sport and we're very proud to preview the film teaser which is jam-packed with vintage surf footage, stories of wooly jumpers worn under old wetsuits and one seriously British accent!!

Check out more film details below including a map of their adventure and click here for The Endless Winter You Tube channel or Blog for the latest updates, and if all this talk of cold water is making you chilly then we suggest our new 'After Ride' boots - exactly as the name suggests, these shearling lined waterproof boots are about as warm and Cushe as post-surf feet can possibly get but they're tough enough for the most exposed cliff-top!

"In just half a century the British surf scene has evolved from ‘a cult’ to a thriving industry that boasts world-class waves, champion surfers and a 300,000 strong surfing community. This is a journey with two of Britain's top pro-surfers on a mission to discover how, against a backdrop of vibrant youth culture, civil unrest and unprecedented social change this iconic surf scene was born.
The film is about characters, heritage and uncompromising passion. It shows that the much maligned weather conditions create some of the best and most unique surf in the world and it's definitely a film about a very British lifestyle, a lifestyle of dedication, exploration and occasional hedonism!"


Day 3 at the BRITS

OK, so there's the night before to talk about and then all the action from the following day...

The night before

After the sucess of the Huckfest, a bouyant BRITS crowd desended on the Indy Bar at the bottom of the slope for a jolly Cushe party. Warming the crowd up was Seb Kern, who played a quality old skool Drum n bass set, leaving the crowd pumped and waiting for more from the headlinners, Urban Knights. These guys hit the stage, took stock and conquered, with some brainshaking dubstep and breaks. Sonically awesome, visually incredible, the Urban Knights were the guardians of all thats sacred and revered about the BRITS.

The action from the following day

Skier Cross and snowboard halfpipe were on the menu today. We had a particular interest as Becky was competiting in the finals of the skier cross finals and i'm very pleased to announce that Becky was once again on the podium, coming in 3rd after a crash halfway up the slope with the 4th place competitor. Nice one Becky!!!

In the snowboarding halfpipe, historically the blue ribbon event with the big guns all coming out to play, we we're treated to some explosive action in all catagories. In the womens, Animal rider and GB star Kate Foster took gold and in the mens, young buck, Jamie Nicholls took the honours with a trick he's learnt in practice that day.

All in all another corker of a day and muchos fun had by all.

More from day 4 tomorrow.


Day 2 at the BRITS - The Cushe Huck Fest

Wowzers, that's the second day done with and what an eyeful we got. Snowboard Big Air and Freeski Slopestyle was on the menu today and neither disappointed. Under difficult conditions, both skiers and snowboarders pulled it out of the bag and kicked the knuckles out of the park. Surprises in both and a serious sight for sore eyes, all we're terribly impressive and made me feel inadequate and inspired in equal amounts. Big Up!!!!

Better, in fact, far better was what happened in the Apres area tonight! The Cushe Huckfest went off in the most incredible fashion. It basically was 'Sick to power of Rad'. Nuff said. Skiers and snowboarders, literally threw themselves into the Cushe Landing making for one of the most exciting events at the BRITS. The crowd cheerd, jeered, screamed and hollered at the top of their lungs pushing the competitors that little bit further to compete for the Cushe cash prizes. We gave out prizes for best back flip, best front flip, best double and finally, best freestyle. In total we handed out 500CHF's and those guys get a few extra beers tonight, my goodness, they deserve it. Kudos to all! Our eyes are in debt to you.


1st day at the BRITS

That's it then, first day at the BRITS done and dusted and what a day it was too!

It started off a little cloudy at the summit and there weren't huge hopes for the day of events to come, but didn't it turn out nice!!!!!!

I started off the day talking to our skier, Becky Hammond at the bottom of the chair lift about her day to come and she seemed pretty confident about a blue sky day. Today was the turn of the skiers in the halfpipe and the snowboarders on the snowboarder cross course. Obviously, our big motivation for the day was giving Becky a big cheer on the way down the halfpipe and cheer we did. I'm very pleased to annouce that our cheers weren't unheard. Becky proudly stood 3rd on the the podium for the main competition, so big congrats to her.

Day 2 tomorrow; Snowboard Halfpipe, Cushe Huckfest and Cushe party. Stay tuned for the daily update.

All the best from the slopes!!!