#CusheChristmasCompetition Day 18!

Welcome to day 18 of the #CusheChristmasCompetition! It's your last chance to enter for an opportunity to WIN a pair of Cushe shoes! All we're asking you to do is 'LIKE' our facebook page and 'LIKE', 'COMMENT', and 'SHARE' our Cushe Christmas stockings.  A winner will be announced tomorrow! Alternatively you can enter through Twitter for a double chance to win! A seperate winner will be announced on Twitter- simply RT us and give us a follow, it couldnt be easier @cushefootwear. 


Love and be merry, 


Team Cushe




#CusheChristmas Competition Continues!

Good morning and welcome to Day 15 and the last week of the #CusheChristmas Competition! The sun is shining bright and we are in a very merry mood in the lead up to Christmas! So to keep the festive spirit going, here's the next #CusheChristmas Competition! This week we would love to know how you would style your Cushe shoes should you be the winner of a pair! Would you pair them with your favourite jeans and a cozy Christmas jumper or maybe a cool flannel shirt? We'd love to hear your ideas! All you have to do is comment on the Cushe Christmas stockings and share the image on your Facebook page! Make sure you give us a 'LIKE' too. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter as well; there will be a separate chance to WIN with just a 'Follow' and RT @cushefotwear. Remember 'LIKE', 'SHARE' and 'COMMENT'! #CusheChristmas





#CusheChristmas Competition: Day 9

It's a brand new day in the CusheChristmas competition - if you fancy yourself a pair of cushy boots and toasty toes, let us know on FACEBOOK or TWITTER who you think is the most Cushe person of all. It can be anyone, so get creative ;)


#CusheChristmas Competition: second winners announced!

Monday madness! To lighten up the blues, welcome back to the #CusheChristmas Competition. Today is the day we are giving away another two pairs of Cushe boots two one Facebook fan and one twitter follower.  We asked you how and where you would test your new pair of Cushes and Facebook fan June Gaynor would wear her Cushe Boots visiting the lovely Waddesdon Manor this Christmas. They always have a lovely Christmas Decoration display in the Manor, and I'd take the opportunity to test the boots in their beautiful gardens. We think she needs a pair of Cushe boots for that. Congratulations, June - you are the second winner of the Cushe Facebook page.  Kathryn Casbolt tweeted that she would try out her Cushe boots at Lake District. Kathryn, choose a pair and get cracking! Congratulations, you are the second winner on twitter - Merry Christmas.  The competition isn't over yet and you can still win yourself a pair of Cushe boots - stay tuned as we will be announcing the third part of the competition this afternoon.


#CusheChristmas Competition part three - who is the most Cushe of us all!

Ready, set, on your marks - the third part of our #CusheChristmas competition is kicking off!

In the first part we asked you to tell us of your ideal Christmas and in the second we wanted to know where and how you would test your new Cushe boots. You were all very keen to tell us of both and some of you got a pair of Cushe boots in return! The show isn't over, however - we have plenty more fun, where that came from.

Today is the start of the next  chapter and this time, we want you to think 'who' instead of 'where' - who do you think is the most 'Cushe' person of all. It could be anyone from your granddad, best friend to Batman or Robin, just as long as you think they'd look good in a pair of Cushe boots. We personally think James Bond would be a good fit ;)

Comment on FACEBOOK and TWEET to us in order to win!


#CusheChristmas Competition: Day 7

Smashing Sundays! Cushe Christmas competition is back for another day and we are just one day shy of another prize draw, where we are giving away a pair of Cushe boots to one Facebook fan and one twitter follower. To enter, let us know on either of the platforms how and where you would test your new Cushe boots.


#CusheChristmas Competition: Day 6!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you're having a good day and to make it even better, we'd like to pull into our little Christmas competition. We're going to be giving away a pair of Cushe boots to one Facebook fan and one twitter follower in just a short two days. To enter, all you have to do is let us know on either of the platforms (or both!) how and where you would test out your new pair of Cushe boots.


Ideal #CusheChristmas - the best way to spend it, according to you

In the first part of our #CusheChristmas competition we asked you to tell us how your ideal Christmas would look like. The rules were simple - it could be anywhere in the world (or universe, why not) and whomever with. We had some very interesting answers from cute, to creative to outright outrageous, but most of you just want to spend your holidays with your loved ones somewhere with snow in abundance. Here's just a small fraction of all your sweet, romantic, funny and clever answers:

Lorraine Johnson: "There are so many places in the world that I would love to visit but over the whole Christmas period, there is nowhere in the world that I would rather be, than at home, with all my family around me, 100% true! My #CusheChristmas is home sweet home!"

Rach Vincent: "Scottish castle, snow, staff, thick curtains, open fires, humungous trees and happy happy children. Oh, and a glass of bubbly in my armchair."

Catherine Warburton: "My Chistmas would be ideal if I spent it in Bhutan. A mountain country where the happiness of the people is the most important factor for the government there, sounds wonderful!"

Sharon Griffin: "In a little country cottage with a warm log fire, hot mince pies and mulled wine and a great big Christmas tree with lovely presents under it for my family and me and my cats would have to be there too."

Keith Daniels: "Got to be christmas in a wooden Loyta in Finland for me, sledging, snow, reindeer, skidoos - can't beat that!"

Sarah Moley Martin: "My ideal Christmas would be in Lapland with my kids and some really warm Cushe boots."

Lucy Selkie: "Australia, beer on a nudist beach on Christmas day."

Gemma Blake: My ideal #CusheChristmas would be at home with the family. Tree surrounded by lots of presents, snow on the ground outside, and lots of delicious christmas food. Preferably cooked by a professional chef!"

Kaz Bridges: "My ideal #cusheChristmas would be to have my boys and grandchildren all with me at a nice cosy cottage with a warming real log fire in one of my favourite places, Keswick in the Lake District."

Tony Wright: "My ideal #CusheChristmas would be a romantic getaway with me, the wife and the guinea pig. Somewhere remote with snow, where we could walk around in our Cushe boots (guinea pig not included)"

Claire M. Smith: "My ideal #CusheChristmas would be spent on a beach in the Maldives with a big pile of books and a large colourful cocktail!"

Sallie Guest "My ideal #CusheChristmas would be in the UK, I'd wander off to Norfolk land of fields and hay, It's a great treat for a townie although boots they are a must, it's the place my lovely son lives and the snow is just a crust. I'd love to have these boots this year so I could go in style and no longer have soggy feet after walking half a mile!"

Kelly Marie Tait: "My ideal #cusheChristmas would be a successful turkey that isnt burnt!"

Sian Hallewell: "Well, if I won the lottery i'd hire a fantastic 5*log cabin somewhere in Norway and take ALL the family and have a fantastic white Christmas. Hopefully we would see the northern lights, have a sleigh ride, sit by an open log fire and have people to do the cooking!"

Mia Fergusson: "My ideal #CusheChristmas would be me and my family all taking a back seat in santas sleigh , whilst looking down at all the beautiful christmas lights and stroking all the reindeer!"

The competition isn't over - click on our Facebook page or follow us on twitter to find out how you can get in on the action too :)


THE GREAT CUSHE COMPETITION: Day 5 with #CusheChristmas

Ding-ding-ding! It's Day 5 of the  #CusheChristmas Competition and another day closer to the next prize draw, where we will be gifting a pair of Cushe boots to a Facebook fan and to a Twitter follower. All you have to do to qwin is go on either of the pages and tell us where and how you would test out your new pair of Cushes.