Just Landed

This month's issue of Wavelength Magazine featured our super cumportable Cushe Slipper shoe in their up and coming 'News' section alongside such brands as Shred and C Skins in a piece featuring the most recent advances in surfwear to hit the waves entitled, 'Just Landed'. 

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Surfrider sick note

The good people at the Surfrider Foundation have provided a doctors’ note for skipping work on International Surfing Day this Thursday the 20th. There’s no better reason for a sick day is there?


A Postcard From Indonesia

Cushe ambassador Mitch Corbett drops us a line from his surf trip to Indonesia, along with some fantastic photos of the waves out there! Mick says that the trip has so far been 'an eye opening solo experience', and writes that he is 'currently very lucky to be sitting in front of Nias, a wave in the very north of the Indonseian islands, a surf spot on every surfers list of to-do's'. He goes on to say he's 'done so much surfing it's painful!'. Check out Mitch's photos of the incredible Indonesian waves. The UK surf champion is half-way through his solo surf trip, and we can't wait to hear more about his Cushe adventure.


Hell Yeah!

This week the awesome Cooler Magazine feature Cushe Ambasador Sophie Hellyer on their 'News' pages. Sophie talks about her Cuban adventure, and how she loves being a Cushe Ambassador. Another brilliant issue from one of Cushe's very favourite girls style, adventure and lifestyle magazine.


Cushe 247

This month we catch-up with Cushe Ambassador Sophie Hellyer as she talks about her super-active outdoor lifestyle in the July issue of 247 Magazine. Speaking about braving the British weather to surf wintery waves, training with ladies and mixed football teams, as well as surfing trips to warmer places - 25 different countries to be exact - Sophie shows why she is a true ambassador of the Cushe lifestyle!! Check the full issue online here and shop Sophie's favourite Cushe sandals here.