Weekend Playlist Volume 4

Welcome to this edition of our 'irregularly posted, but always on the weekend, playlist'. Some of you are enjoying a long weekend, and that's pretty cool.

This week's playlist is Joywave heavy with some Brit rock thrown in for good measure. Dig in.


Introducing Cushe Mallow

If it’s good enough to eat, it’s good enough for your feet.

Cushe is beyond stoked to introduce the new standard of deliciously laid-back comfort, Cushe Mallow.

Anytime is a good time to eat marshmallows, which is why we’re baking the real thing in to our latest and greatest designs.

Toasted to perfection, the Cushe Mallow footbed features super spongy action that forms to your foot and a crispy, caramelized shell that stays magically supportive in all the right places, all damn day - or at least until you want a snack. A dash of Cushe Mallow brings the vibes of camping in the summertime and backyard barbecues closer to your feet than they’ve ever been.


Alright, alright, alright. Cushe Mallow might be more fictitious than delicious, but we are seriously excited to announce the debut of the very real, very comfortable Cushe Mellow footbed featured in some choice spring and summer Cushe footwear.

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Weekend Playlist Volume 3

We're back with another weekend playlist. It's an eclectic (and electric) mix of tunes picked for their ability to bring on the chillest of chill vibes.

This week we're bringing in Lone, new Unknown Mortal Orchesta, new Death Cab for Cutie, Neon Indian's most popular track, and some Tycho to class things up.


Hang out with us this weekend?

The Cushe Crew is on tour this weekend and we are stoked.

For all of you paddle sport and outdoor enthusiasts, we’re at Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin today through Sunday. Come say ‘hi’, try on some Slippers and get a dose of summertime vibes as you relax in a “barbecue dad” chair that looks exactly like you think it does while kicking it around the fake bonfire. Info here: http://cushe.us/cshcanoecopia

Not in Wisconsin? That’s okay! There are 10 Banff Mountain Film Fest events around the country and one in Canada this weekend. Fill your adventure and inspiration quota for the month. Tour dates and times here: http://cushe.us/banffworldtour

On Saturday we’ll be at The Hideout in Chicago, IL partying with 11 bands on their way to Austin, TX for SXSW. Details here: http://cushe.us/sxswsendoff

Can’t party with us? Party with yourself. This week’s playlist features the bands we’re sending off tomorrow. It’s an eclectic mix, and we’re into that.


The Weekend Playlist

The chill vibes of the weekend are upon us. We're dropping a new weekly blog feature - a Spotify playlist featuring choice picks of the music we've been listening to. Turn it up, kick back, and enjoy your #CusheTime. You've earned it.


Cushe Signs Jessica Anderson

This week we welcome another surf prodigy to Team Cushe. Pro surf champ Jessica Anderson of Chile joins Cushe to crush swells, dominate the competition, and soak up beach vibes with us when she’s finished.


Born in Northern California, Jessica and her family relocated to Pichilemu, Chile while she was still a little girl. She has since become one of the very best women in Chilean surf and it’s hardly a surprise, she comes from a family of surfers — seriously, her entire family surfs. Jessica was raised at the beach and on the water. She lives and breathes the Cushe Life.


Follow Jessica on her website and on social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram) as she hunts happiness and surf titles around the world.


Felicitaciones Jessica!



Banff Mountain Film and Radical Reels World Tour


Here at Cushe, we love a well-shot flick. We were pumped to partner with The Banff Centre to host the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival for the second year running and are stoked to be a part of the Banff Mountain Film and Radical Reels World Tour happening now.


Check out the admittedly epic trailers for both programs:




‘Whoa’, right? And that music… next level stuff.


Click here to find tour dates for more action-packed skiing, climbing, kayaking, BASE jumping, snowboarding and mountain biking.


Go forth, watch movies, and find happiness. #happinesshunting


Keep your eyes on the road and above all, 'Don't let go.'


We’re stoked to announce our sponsorship of the Founders Brewing Co. Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race in Barry County, MI on March 28.


Since 2009, Barry-Roubaix has represented the beginning of the spring and summer bike race season in Michigan. Registration is open now, and we’ll be partnering with race organizers to bring some boss race-related promotions in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on Facebook for updates. Getting to the finish line is on you. We’ll be there to support the proper enjoyment of post-race libations and good cheer.


Now, Barry-Roubaix Fun Facts:


Named after the Paris-Roubaix, Barry-Roubaix is the longest gravel road race in the country.


After 62 miles, Barry-Roubaix boasts over $28,000 in prizes.


The second half of 'Barry-Roubaix' kind of sounds like ‘Rübæus’, Founders’ raspberry ale.


Beer is the best way to end a bike race anything.


Guys, there is a beer tent and it’s open all. day.


Click for more Barry-Roubaix info.

Click to register for the race.


Showtime for Cushe Ambassador - Matthias Giraud

Matthias, the self-proclaimed “Super Frenchie”, was born for adventure, and never refuses an opportunity to find the edges of his limits; which, we don't think he's even seen yet. First to ski BASE jump off Mississippi Head at Mt Hood, Oregon, and last to leave the party — Matthias’ latest stunt features a paraglide rope swing that is exactly as dangerous and as it sounds.

Matthias has been with Cushe since 2012 — we’re smitten with his charismatic mug and wild-man antics, and we’re not the only ones to have taken notice. "60 Minutes Sports" examines the wild mind of the creative thrill seeker who calls ski base jumping "his calling” this week!

The 13-minute segment airs Tuesday, February 3rd at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

See a short preview of the segment courtesy CBS News HERE.


Tune in or visit the cushe.com blog next week for an update including the full video from SHOWTIME — stay up-to-date with Matthias on his website.