About Us

Cushe (pronounced ‘cushy’) was born in the UK during the Summer of 2004 thanks to a group of footwear designers and enthusiasts looking to create something a bit different.

Crafted with the individual in mind, our aim is to always challenge the boundaries of footwear design rather than follow the trends or rules set by others. We strive to create shoes that become the unconventional choice for everyday life.

Detail is an obsession... The stitching, heel shape, the color of the insole... all of the little bits that mean nothing, but at the same time everything. We utilize the best and most innovative techniques and materials to make footwear that effortlessly provides comfort, protection, and stability.

Our designs are thought through, scrapped, reborn, and rebuilt until it wears the passion, commitment, and enthusiasm of the Cushe team. We want to make sure that even that first time wear feels like an old favorite.