Surfer this is your time this is cushe time
Welcome to the Cushe Life
Girl on boulder Surfers and dog on beach
This is about all of us... Man taking photo Cushe for the moment, the adventure...
...and the company we keep
Two men
Cushe Mellow
Cushe Mellow is the new standard for laid-back comfort, with super spongy action that forms to your foot and stays magically supportive in all the right places.
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Happiness Hunting
Happiness Hunting
In pursuit of the Cushe Life
Collecting experiences instead of things
Wealth is about having time, not cash
Woman in front of mural
It's about the adventure and not about the worries
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Sophie Hellyer Sophie Hellyer
Sophie Hellyer
Surfer, model, footie fan, and professionally awesome—all in a days work for super girl Sophie. Sophie rocks Cushe Time with the best of them, enjoying quiet moments and good company.
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Matthias Giraud Matthias Giraud
Matthias Giraud
Professional BASE jumper, big mountain ski stud, and full time wild-man. Matthias was born for adventure, and never refuses an opportunity to find the edges of his limits; which, we don't think he's even seen yet.
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Cristian Merello Cristian Merello
Cristian Merello
This dude is a serious rider, and has as many trophies as we do shoes. It's not always surf with Cristian though—he's just as comfortable around the fire with friends, otherwise he wouldn't be true team Cushe.
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Mitch Corbett Mitch Corbett
Mitch Corbett
Surfer, cold water hero, soul seeker. From crushing the slabs off the coast of Ireland, to cruising the warm barrels of Indonesia, Mitch rips.
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